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LED Lighting - Achieving Optimum Benefits in Commercial Facilities 

Presenter: Jonathan Hansen, Voss Lighting


Lighting has continued to evolve over the past several years, and LED has become an important solution for facilities looking to upgrade both the efficiencies and aesthetics of a building or campus. There are four main areas that a facility should consider when planning an upgrade to LED:  C.E.L.L. (color, energy, life, and light output). The speaker will look at these four areas and see how they can help you achieve optimum benefits in an upgrade project.

Air Systems Today and Tomorrow – How to Optimize Efficiency When Bringing Facilities Back Online 

Presenter: Jim Donohue, Atlas Copco Compressors LLC


Shutting down your air supply or starting it up after an idle period? This presentation will provide valuable tips concerning the impact that varying production levels has on your compressed air system. Learn what you need to know to optimize efficiency and maintenance.

Continuity Lessons Learned From the Pandemic 

Presenter: Luis Tapia, Resiliency Relationship Manager, Fannie Mae, and Adjunct Professor of Emergency Management, University of North Texas


The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that building resilience in an organization is more important than ever. This presentation will review the top five business continuity lessons learned, and discuss the implications for future work environments. Emphasis will be placed on technology, workplace, and personnel considerations for 2021. 

Online Partial Discharge Testing – Applications and Benefits 

Presenter Mark Brown, Altanova Group


This session will focus on online nondestructive partial discharge testing on aged cable systems. Learn about partial discharge testing, why it is critical in a condition-based predictive maintenance program, and how it affects medium/high voltage switchgear, cables and transformers.

Take Control of Optimizing Your Buildings 

Presenter:  Tim Cramer, Key2Act


The speaker will discuss how building optimization and smart building technology enable you to diagnose your building health remotely and securely from any device. Learn about the latest smart building technologies, about proactive alerts, and real-time triggers for service calls.


Variable Refrigerant Flow Technology for Commercial Facilities 

Presenters: Larry Price, ACIS, and John Reynal, ENCORE


This session will examine variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology – which permits a single system for both heating and cooling within a facility.  The speaker will discuss the origin of the technology and the application of the technology in this country. He will describe the differences of the heat pump/heat recovery systems, and the advantages and disadvantages.  Also, the efficiency rating matrix (IEER) and what that means.



HVAC Systems and COVID-19 Mitigation 

Presenter: Scott West, Mechanical Engineer, HFA


This presentation will describe technologies available for mitigating infectious disease transmission in today’s buildings – what technologies are practical and the trade-offs involved. The speaker will discuss some of the practical considerations involved with IAQ and how to take a risk mitigation approach to ensuring a safe and healthy indoor environment.  Specific topics will include ventilation rates and scheduling of airflow, space humidity level, normal media filtration, HVAC-related cleaning, and HVAC O&M procedures. 

Mining Critical Data Through Remote Monitoring 

Presenters: Doug Ekstrom and Quinn Tolbert, McKinstry


Are you drowning in facilities data?  This session will examine how you can get to a point where you can collect and sort critical information in real time, make informed decisions and then, see, understand and monetize the results of those actions. The speakers will focus on solutions involving remote tracking, with guidelines on assessing and resolving facility system issues in energy management, maintenance, and more.  


Disinfection Recommendations for Buildings in Today’s Pandemic Situation – Questions and Answers 

Presenter: Wayne Whitzell, Executive VP of Corporate Services, DFS Green/IFMA 2018 International Distinguished Member of the Year


In this session, presented in a question-and-answer format, the speaker addresses common concerns facilities engineers have about building cleaning and disinfection during today’s COVID-19 pandemic situation. He will address the topics of coatings and disinfectants, disinfection frequency, successful disinfection, and which method is best for a building application.

Roofing 101: What You Should Do After a Storm

Ryan Shinn, CentiMark Corporation


In this session, you will learn how to assess whether your roof and building have been damaged by a storm, what you can handle yourself, and when it's time to call a professional. Every building weathers storms, but some storms are big and can cause real damage.  Inspecting your building after a storm can mean the difference between handling the damage immediately after, or ignoring it until it becomes really expensive. This presentation will give you the information you need to protect your investment.

Ultrasonic Testing for Air Leaks 

Presenter:  Keith Macaluso, CRL


This presentation will discuss how ultrasonic testing can find air leaks within a compressed air system, thus providing significant energy savings, as well as improvements in product quality and production.  Learn how to implement an ultrasound program in your facility and document the savings.